Benefit from sorting your inventory

For years I’ve been in control over my inventory. While most people I know are completely lost in chaotic clutter when they’re tasked to find a specific item, I can dream its location. With an inventory count way below that of most people’s (16,723 at the moment of writing), I’ve entitled myself to the role of “inventory sorting expert”.

I’d like to share with you not only how I managed to achieve a low inventory count, but also how I sorted it to provide a streamlined navigation experience. In the coming weeks I’ll focus on publishing multiple articles that guide you through the proces. In this article I’ll tell you some things you need to know before you start to dig through your inventory!

It’s worth the effort

I’ll not make it a secret: sorting your inventory is not fun, or easy, or quickly done. However, it is worth the effort. If you’re doing it correctly, you’ll not only sort your inventory but also remove tons of items. Stuff you really shouldn’t even be having anymore: out with it!

Sorting also allows you to group related items and utilize the power of standard Second Life features to streamline your searching proces… without the need for expensive tools! A good organization allows you to easily navigate to the item you’re looking for.

Personally I’ve experienced how much fun it was to rediscover my inventory. I love shopping and sorting makes sure I don’t forget the various pieces I own. I don’t feel lost between my items: I have them all sorted by category, so I can quickly mix and match between the pieces I am looking for. It also prevents me from buying stuff I already have or really don’t need!

A great benefit of having a sorted inventory and a low count is that this decreases loading time of your inventory. Which means you’ll have your items at your disposal much quicker than you have now. Less time spent waiting is more time spent doing the things you like!

So think about it and then stock up on time and energy. Getting your inventory in check will take some time and effort but after that it’s easy to maintain it. I promise you, once you’re done you’ll be glad you’ve done it!


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