Smart outfits

I’ve always been very stuck to my skins and shape. I’ve built my shape from the ground up, taking about six years for it to reach its semi-final form, where I slightly morphed it into a Standard Sizing XS form. As such, she has her own set of signature looks: look at old pictures and you’ll still recognize good ol’ Tootsie.

While all that is fun, I also like to play dress-up, changing outfits multiple times a day if I’m in the mood for mix-and-matching. Constantly setting up my avatar from scratch is a tedious job, especially since I always use the same base setup. To save me the hassle, I used Second Life‘s built-in Outfits feature to make three basic outfits. If you’re not familiar with outfits, check out Second Life’s knowledge base article about using your inventory.



My base outfits are right there

So I have three basic outfits. The first one (Base) is my basic setup. It contains my default skin without makeup, my favorite mesh lashes, my standard body and eyebrow shapes and a set of underwear to keep it PG.

My second and third outfits are not truly outfits. They’re rather a collection of items I often use. The second one, Body parts, contains my SLink feet, three pairs of SLink hands (the ones I use mostly), my second eyebrow shape and mesh lashes and some general body alpha layers. All items I’m most likely going to use in new outfits.


Looking very basic today

My third outfit contains HUDs. Here I have my League appliers for my sunkiss and medium tone skins, SLink’s avatar enhancement utilities for hands and feet, my animation overriders (AOs), Gos Boutique’s OneTime Skin Matching HUD and my FATEeyes HUD. Except for the AOs, these are all HUDs I normally don’t wear. They are spread around my inventory normally, but by putting them in an outfit I have them all within reach when I do need them.

So when I feel like dressing up, I let Tutti wear only the base outfit, then I start adding layers, some from my other two base outfits, but mostly clothes. Once I’m done, I am ready to go out! Optionally at this point, I can choose the Save As option to save my outfit as a new outfit for easy re-use later.

If you have more handy uses for Outfits, please share your tips and tricks below!

Note: Creating outfits doesn’t copy the items in that outfit to your Outfit folder. Instead, references to the original items are saved there, these are called links. Links increase your inventory count by one per link.


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