Beat lag in crowded areas by using an invisible avatar

In my previous post I explained about the outfits I use to quickly set up my avatar. In this article I am going to tell you about one more must-have outfit which is going to make your shopping experience much easier.

How it works

Wherever you are on the grid, Second Life needs to load your avatar’s data and that of other avatars to display it you and everyone around you, every time you teleport from one sim to another. This includes, but is not limited to the meshes, sculpts, textures and scripts you wear. In busy areas, especially those with lots of scripted objects around, you’ll get lag. You cannot account for other people’s avatars, but you can at least lower the lag you cause by simply going… invisible and unscripted.

First step is to completely undress your avatar: take off everything you can, leaving your avatar wearing only a system shape, skin, hair and eyes. You might want to do this somewhere out of sight, for obvious reasons. Next step is to wear a full body alpha layer. You can find one in the Library which is called Invisible Avatar (it’s located inside Body Parts → Alpha Masks).

And that’s it. Only two steps, didn’t think it would be this easy huh? The optional third step is to save this setup as an outfit so you can quickly switch to it. I absolutely recommend this, since it saves you from having to repeat the process described above the next time you want to go invisible.

This trick is very simple and easy to execute and can be very handy when trying to beat lag. It gets especially beneficial when multiple people are using it. So next time you’re going to visit that super popular event, show up invisible and encourage others to do the same!


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