Nail appliers

Undoubtedly the fastest growing collection in my inventory: SLink nail polish appliers. Lots of Flair, Orc Inc. and Shakeup! with a bit of Alyce, Blacklace Beauty and the phenomenal basic nails from League. Just trying to stay away from A.S.S. (and the rest of the Marketplace) since they have lots of cute stuff too!

I actually have some sorting criteria for the Flair polishes, since they really allow for this. I wouldn’t be me if I wouldn’t share them with you. Of course, the categories work for other stores as well:

  • Abstract
  • Abstract (plain)
  • Animal
  • Edged (bottom)
  • Edged (top)
  • Floral, Glitter
  • French (decorated)
  • French (plain)
  • Gradient
  • Lace, Lingerie
  • Line (horizontal)
  • Others
  • Plain
  • Seasonal

Ladies (and lads), which store do you prefer for nail polish appliers?


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