Distinguish face and body tattoos in your inventory

This simple technique I’ve just “developed” (it’s really nothing, just can’t find the right word) because I’m lost in my ever-growing folder of tattoos by White Widow.

The above mentioned store has both face and body tattoos and sets contain either one of both. Since I can’t really distinguish them by name, I’ve decided to simply tag the folders in a similar way to how I tag appliers.

I take the name of the set and append three blank spaces and the tag(s) [Body] and/or [Face] to the name. Like so:

Hannibal (Blood)   [Body][Face]

You could also tag folders for [Hands] and [Feet] or create more specific tags. I’m not an avid tattoo user, so these generic ones work for me.

As you can see, I’ve used square brackets around my tags. I do this because I already use normal parentheses to note down colors and curly brackets to indicate applier availability.

Hope you like this. Have a nice morning/afternoon/evening/night!


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