Full Perm PSD kits

Two stores (one very renowned) using the same mesh from a creator kit in their outfits. I know the kits are made for that purpose, but it feels odd nonetheless.

Finally blogging!

Hello there! Since this is my first post, I might as well introduce myself. I’m Tutti Anatine, also known as Toots for friends. I’ve been around in Second Life (SL) since the 12th of May 2007, which makes me… feeling old.

In SL I’ve dabbled with scripting and building. I’ve even tried making clothes and hope to dive more into mesh soon. I’m also an expert on inventory sorting. Despite my many years on the grid and my love for shopping, My inventory count has been sternly below 20.000 (17.000 at this moment, even) for almost two years now! I will share my knowledge about inventory sorting with you through this blog, to help you get your inventory under control.

That’s it for now. I hope to hear from you here or on the grid. I’m always open to conversation, so feel free to drop me an IM in-world. Any questions or requests for my blog may also be posted right here on the blog itself.

Note: I trade between periods of being online on a regular basis and long periods of absence. I do always get offline IMs and notifications and I do try to respond to you within 48 hours!