I’m back! Sort of

Hey all, It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Two or three months ago I returned from a two year, semi-forced, hiatus. For those who know me, it’s not a rare for me to disappear for two months in a row. However, aside from the usual busy-ness, I also had hardware issues to deal with. It became impossible to be online for more than five minutes without crashing.

Back to the present. The hardware is fixed, I’m back, sort of! Over the years, my relationship with Second Life has changed. This has mostly to do with getting older (yes, I will grab my cane later) and I do need to find my place here again. I am also shy when it comes to approaching people, so there’s that problem.

One of the other things that need work is this blog. I am still quite an active inventory sorter, and I’ve improved my ways since I wrote the original articles. A lot of other things have changed too. Before my hiatus, rigged mesh, mesh bodies, mesh heads and appliers were a new thing, and Standard Sizing was still the norm. Now that has all changed, so have the requirements for a sound inventory.

So the blog articles and pages need an update. It’s going to be major, and I am dreading the task. So it’s not going to happen quickly, but it is probably going to happen. If there is any subject you have questions about, feel free to direct my attention to it in-world or through Plurk.

Passwords and your browser

Hello everyone, this time a post about something not specially related to Second Life. Today’s topic: how your browser can show your saved passwords.

In this article I use several internet browsers for Mac OS X Mavericks as an example. While most of you will be using Windows, there will be little to no differences between the browsers per operating system. At this moment I am unable to check the exact differences however, nor can I check out Internet Explorer.

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