And you really don’t need all those system layers either

This is an addendum to my previous post.

Before mesh, there were system layers. And like with attachment points, we often got identical items on different layers. Shirts on both underwear (tucked) and upper wear (untucked) and jacket layer, for example.

Most of the older sets are candidate for removal from your inventory. If you want to keep an item in however (I keep some), at least get rid of the extra layers. You can box them for example. I keep only the most relevant and complete layer of an item, like the jacket layer of a top.

While I have my inventory quite under control, I’ve noticed in the past two days that this is an area where I can still gain a massive inventory profit. One of the sets I tossed out contained 80 (80!) system layers in total.

Inventory count now: well below 18k and still going down!


Toss out items with different attachment points

If you’re “old” like me (ugh, eighth rezday in two days), you’ve likely experienced a time where the attachment points you used actually mattered. In those days, you could wear one item per attachment point and that was it, no “add”.

Many creators were nice enough to bless us with multiple identical versions of their product, for different points. Most famously: necklaces came in chest and spine versions.

We don’t need those different versions anymore. So try to find them and delete them. I’m backing up every set I have, and then delete what I don’t need. So when it comes to necklaces: chest in, spine out. Easy win!

Smart outfits

I’ve always been very stuck to my skins and shape. I’ve built my shape from the ground up, taking about six years for it to reach its semi-final form, where I slightly morphed it into a Standard Sizing XS form. As such, she has her own set of signature looks: look at old pictures and you’ll still recognize good ol’ Tootsie.

While all that is fun, I also like to play dress-up, changing outfits multiple times a day if I’m in the mood for mix-and-matching. Constantly setting up my avatar from scratch is a tedious job, especially since I always use the same base setup. To save me the hassle, I used Second Life‘s built-in Outfits feature to make three basic outfits. If you’re not familiar with outfits, check out Second Life’s knowledge base article about using your inventory.

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Benefit from sorting your inventory

For years I’ve been in control over my inventory. While most people I know are completely lost in chaotic clutter when they’re tasked to find a specific item, I can dream its location. With an inventory count way below that of most people’s (16,723 at the moment of writing), I’ve entitled myself to the role of “inventory sorting expert”.

I’d like to share with you not only how I managed to achieve a low inventory count, but also how I sorted it to provide a streamlined navigation experience. In the coming weeks I’ll focus on publishing multiple articles that guide you through the proces. In this article I’ll tell you some things you need to know before you start to dig through your inventory!

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