Beat lag in crowded areas by using an invisible avatar

In my previous post I explained about the outfits I use to quickly set up my avatar. In this article I am going to tell you about one more must-have outfit which is going to make your shopping experience much easier.

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Smart outfits

I’ve always been very stuck to my skins and shape. I’ve built my shape from the ground up, taking about six years for it to reach its semi-final form, where I slightly morphed it into a Standard Sizing XS form. As such, she has her own set of signature looks: look at old pictures and you’ll still recognize good ol’ Tootsie.

While all that is fun, I also like to play dress-up, changing outfits multiple times a day if I’m in the mood for mix-and-matching. Constantly setting up my avatar from scratch is a tedious job, especially since I always use the same base setup. To save me the hassle, I used Second Life‘s built-in Outfits feature to make three basic outfits. If you’re not familiar with outfits, check out Second Life’s knowledge base article about using your inventory.

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