Testing rigged mesh clothes

Rigged mesh clothes are clothes that move along with the wearer’s body. They don’t fully adhere to all body sliders though, and sometimes glitch a bit. Since you can’t modify rigged mesh clothes, I’ve found it’s top priority to demo these types of clothes (or any other type) before purchase.

There are several reasons to test rigged mesh clothing:

  1. Rigged mesh does not adapt to all body shape sliders, so there is no guarantee the item fits your body.
  2. Some items look good in when standing still, but start to glitch when you take on different poses. This is my number one reason for not buying a product.
  3. Sometimes alpha layers provided with mesh clothes are just off. If you shop at a store which has good customer service, you might get the creator to make you a new alpha layer. If not, you’ll have to make your own alpha layer if you still wish to purchase the item.
  4. Items usually look much better in their advertisements than in reality, so wearing a demo is the only way to make sure a piece of garment is made for you.
  5. You’re not going to spend a lot of money on a piece without trying it out first, now are you?

In this article I’m mainly going to focus on reasons two and three by telling you how to test rigged mesh clothes before buying them.

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